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Hi. My name is John Cui (johncui in pgmfi) and you can reach me

I am the author of CROME which is an rom editor for most of the OBD1? Honda ecus. I am also in the process of creating a datalogging software which will be incorportated with CROME to give it autotuning features.

I used to own a silver EJ8, LS/VTEC, but that got stolen a few years back. That was my first car and my pride and joy. I used to race this (at the track) almost weekly shifting at 9.5K with still stock block and head hitting high 13s with street tires at ~98Mph. I never got to see the full potential of that car. (sigh... I miss my EJ8)

I just recently purchased a white EJ1 and put in a B18C(JDM GSR) just for kicks. My goal with this car is to rev to 10K+ and try to hit the twelves using what I know from my EJ8 and some new things I learned from PGMFI.ORG.

Hint: If you've ever looked at the Mugen program, you'll notice the fuel dips at the top rpms. Maybe that's why I could never find power all the way at the top with my Skunk2 ecu program before.

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