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PGMFI was started somewhere around May of 2002. Dave doesn't remember exactly when. It probably was closer to April... :)

It was started because Dave needed something to do. Having lots of free time on his hands and needing a distraction after a painful breakup, Dave wanted a turbo CRX.... Only Dave couldn't afford a Zdyne or Hondata, and didn't want to be ghetto and use a FMU. The thought of putting his computer geekness to good use crossed his mind. Dave noticed a big, long old post on the CRX resource (being a CRX owner) by 91crxsi discussing the changes he was making to a 91 CRX rom to add support for boost and the JRSC on the car.

Dave decided to start a forum to discuss engine management crap, and try to do a group project to benefit humanity. Operating initially with a borrowed domain name ([, anyone remember?), PGMFI quickly grew and grew. Just for laughs, the first ten registered users were blundar, xtensive, jthelman, Sonny, ericzccrx, Pelo Tudo, SJP0tato, Noah K?, dohcvtec and acidfast7. Some of these names you hopefully will recognize as those who have contributed much to the project, and some have faded...

PGMFI was started with open-source collaboration as a model, an attempt for enthusiasts to help themselves learn, teach, and create quality tools for the community to use. Dave knew he would never be able to give anything back to the CRX community of a mechanical nature, so PGMFI was the next best thing.

Things have since grown considerably from the group of enthusiasts working together...

If anyone wants to look at (or laugh at or shed a tear for) the old forum, it can be found on the Internet Archive.

More will come later, OGs feel free to contribute.

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