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A hardware/software interaction will determine whether a program in an ECU behaves as a manual or auto.

Hardware configuration of RP17/RP18 determines whether the ECU hardware is setup for auto or manual. See Auto To Manual to learn how to change the hardware. If an ECU is jumpered to be a manual, it will always run like a manual.

ECU programs are responsible for checking the jumper configuration in order to enable auto transmission control. What this means is that you can make a ECU that is jumpered to be an automatic think that it is a manual using a program that has the auto circuitry check disabled. The most notable example of this type of program are the numerous "mugen" programs. Also, (I may be mistaken on this) some stock programs (EDM P30???) do not check for the auto trans jumper config. Most USDM (P74/P75, P28, PM6, etc.) definately do check for the auto trans jumpers.


  • If you need to make an automatic ECU manual, you can either modify the hardware per Auto To Manual OR disable the check for the jumpers in software using a modified program(OR do both).
  • If you require the ECU to control an automatic transmission, you must make sure that you use a base program that checks for the auto trans jumpers and has the necessary code. USDM P28 is my failsafe (Dave B?)

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