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OBD0 ECU Chipping
If you have a OBD0 ECU, chipping the ECU might not be straightforward. Almost ALL 90-91 PM6, PM7, PR4 and PP5(with catalytic converter) ECUs had external EPROMs, and are easy to change the program on. Almost all 88-89 PG7, PM6, PM7 and 88-91 PM8 ECUs did not have an external EPROM. It is possible to chip these ECUs, but it requires considerably more work and is beyond the scope of this article. See Chipping An88-89 ECU for more details. The following ECU is a PM7 that does not have an external ROM:


If you are luckier and have an ECU with an external EPROM from the factory, the ECU you have will look more like this:


An OBD0 ECU with an external EPROM is very simple to chip. First, cut all 28 pins with a razor blade or utility knife. BE CAREFUL YOU DO NOT SLIP AS YOU CAN PERMANENTLY DAMAGE THE CIRCUIT BOARD. It is not absolutely necessary to do this before desoldering, but removing the chip will make it much easier, particularly if you do not have a good desoldering station. Once the original ROM is desoldered and removed and you can see through the holes in the circuit board, add a socket for an EPROM and then place the new ROM you have created into the socket.

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